Monday, February 7, 2011

Christian Artists Promoting Shops (CAPS)

I now belong to a "team" on Etsy, called CAPS, which stands for Christian Artists Promoting Shops. This is a great opportunity for Christian brothers and sisters to help show support for one another, as we all endeavor to make a living, or even make a little pocket change. All the items you see below belong to others on this team. I hope that you will take a moment to check out their shops, and maybe do some buying.

Burgundy Stripe Velvet Scarf by Pollyanne Designs
(click photo to see shop)

Caffiene Magnet (Magnet of the Month Club) by The Christmas Corner
(click on the photo to see the shop)

Tango Red Round Hoop Filigree Earrings from Expressions by Cheree
(click on the photo to see the shop)



our home to yours said...

I love that magnet. I feel that way about chocolate, lol
- ourhometoyours

Angie Ochoa said...

That's funny, because I feel that way about chocolate too!