Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remember to Say "Thank You"!

They are the words that came from the mouths of moms everywhere, when children are being dropped off for a party. "Mind your manners and remember to say 'Thank You'!" And what better way to say thank you to your party guests, than with a matching photo thank you card? Here are just a few ideas:

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Have a blessed day!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Just Get the Invitation, When You Can Get More!?

Bear River Photo Greetings has a LOT of photo greeting card designs to choose from. But, I don't just do the invites and announcements. We also create matching printables for your party. Choose from favor tags, BINGO cards, address labels, thank you cards, water bottle labels, napkin rings, and much more. Below are some examples of what can be done. Please note that I can create any of these printables to go with any invite or announcement in my shop.

Thank You Card Design

Water Bottle Label

Napkin Ring

Return Address Label

B-I-N-G-O Card

Party Favor Tag

If you have any more ideas for printables, I'll be glad to give them a go!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why and When to Send a "Save the Date" Card for Your Wedding

I'm sure that there is much debate on whether "Save the Date" cards are really necessary. Many would argue that they're not necessary, especially in today's economy. But some say that "Save the Date" cards help to generate excitement for the couple's upcoming wedding. Others say that "Save the Date" cards are extremely helpful to those who are traveling to a wedding, especially if it's during "peak season", or if it's a destination wedding or at a popular vacation spot. This will allow the wedding guests to make arrangements with plenty of advance notice, for taking off of work, for travel, and for booking lodging.

When should you send a "Save the Date" card? Typically, depending on when the wedding is, it is good to send these out about 4-5 months before the wedding. If your wedding is on or around a holiday, it is best to send your "Save the Date" card out at LEAST 5 months in advance. A quote from MyGatsby.com (check the link out for more wedding etiquette tips)says "If you are asking guests to travel a great distance, take time off work, or travel during peak seasons, the sooner you can let them know the better! In these circumstances, it's not uncommon to send Save the Date announcements as much as twelve months in advance."

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