Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's So Great About Bear River Photo Greetings?

There seems to be a growing market for custom announcements and invitations these days. People want something a little more unique than the generic announcements and invites they can get at the local discount retailer. And what better way to do "unique" than with a photo?! These days, many families are connected to other family members and friends who live miles and miles away, even overseas!

We want to keep in touch with friends and family, updating them on our children's successes, birthdays, engagements, adoptions, births, etc. And photos are a great way to show off the family. So now Bear River Photo Greetings comes into play.

We make photo greeting cards easy and convenient for the busy family...especially the busy mom, who is most likely the one sending the announcements and invites.

Here's How it Works:
1. Purchase your favorite design. 2. Email your photo(s) and what text you want on your card to rioosodesignsemail [!at] 3. Within 24 business hours, I will email you a low resolution proof. 4. Once you approve the proof, I will send you a high resolution .jpg image. 5. Take or upload to your favorite photo processing center, such as Costco, Walmart, or Photos should be 300dpi or higher resolution for the best quality photo greeting card. We will be glad to change your photo to black and white or sepia tone at no additional charge. NOTE: When you provide me with your image, you agree that you have documented permission by the copyright holder or you are the photographer. You will also be agreeing to take full responsibility for any wrongful use of copyrighted images and will agree to not hold me liable for any wrongful use of any copyrighted images. Are you super busy? Need us to print your cards and mail them to you? No problem! Please check our "printing services" listings to see pricing and other information.

So now, you can see how Bear River Photo Greetings is a GREAT thing! We print...all on your your convenience.

Here is a list of the kinds of photo greetings (and non-photo greetings) we offer:

Photo Adoption Announcements
Photo Birth Announcements
Photo Anniversary Party Invites
Photo Birthday Invitations
Photo Graduation Announcements and Party Invitations
Photo Holiday Greeting Cards
Photo Memorial Cards
Photo Engagement Announcements and "Save the Date" Cards
Photo New Pet Announcements
Photo Party Invites
Photo Wedding Thank You Cards

And much, much more...

What are YOU looking for?
We'd love to see YOU over at our shops.

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Have a great day!


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